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On demand car wash service booking app: Wash before you Ride

book your car wash and book appointments on the go.

Since the mobile car service is getting hype in the market; everyone is going crazy to book their slot.

When these applications were not around, people used to find the car wash services near their locations.

But was that a good idea? Supposedly not, since all the car wash stations used to make people wait in the queue and waste their valuable time.

The deal is not done until the customer is satisfied. To make your life easier it is better to switch to the application which will help you to locate your nearby car wash service.

In addition to that, you are asked to select the package of service which you want. You do not have to wait in a queue to get a service you want, rather book your slot as per your own time and let them wash your car like a ninja.

About Carboy car wash application:

The prospects to use car service application will be those who do not wish to stand in a long queue and wait for hours just to get their car washed.

Now, the question comes to how to make them feel comfortable and make car service booking easier for them to use? Old-age solutions will not work anymore, since, now you can tweak your car wash application and book your slot in no time.

When it comes to mobile car service application there are numerous things one needs to look at, such as Dashboard, Mechanic details, Selection of service, etc. All of these things need to be manageable and clear from the User, Merchant, and Admin end.

Carboy car service application will consist of created for Users, Merchants, and Admin.

As soon as the user will interact with application and confirm the booking, it will go straight to Admin panel and the assigned person will handle the user’s query and fulfill them swiftly. Similar process will happen with Merchant account as well and the final call will be in the hand of Admin on to how manage their responses and queries.

Mainly the application derives of three parts:

Admin end actions:

  • Secure login: Authentication is a key part to secure your user data, therefore, we have to make sure to set up strong authentication for backend and front end.
  • Manage category: Admin has the right to add, update and removing the categories as per their preference.
  • Merchant management: It is important to manage merchants and analyze their activities from time to time. There are options to block or unblock a merchant account.
  • Subscription Management: User subscription management is a crucial part of any application therefore, facilities like adding a new subscription, updating the older one or removing subscription comes in handy. In addition to that, the admin can view the details of the buyer to confirm the identity.
  • Universal settings: Content privacy policy, about us page, is the mirror of any website or application. It ought to be taken care of, before jumping on conclusions.
  • FAQ page: List of Q&A can be managed by admin which includes adding, deleting and managing questions and answers.

Merchant end actions:

  • Login: Merchant permits login into the merchant administrator board.
  • Dashboard: A pleasantly structured dashboard could help the administrator to get a fast perspective on a stage including various package, latest booking, remaining wash, etc.
  • Service management: The merchant can oversee benefits by including new administration and refreshing or expelling more seasoned administration.
  • Package setup: The merchant can oversee bundle by including new bundle and refreshing or evicting older ones.
  • Employee administration: The merchant can oversee Employee by including new worker and square or expelling more established.
  • Booking management: Merchant can deal with the armada as well as assign a worker to the request and oversee the status of residual washing.
  • Review insights: Merchant can view survey and rating of administrations which is given by the clients.
  • Membership: Merchant can see all membership and buy it.

User end actions:

  • User login: The authentication is the most important feature of any application; therefore, we should make sure to build a strong authentication for user login. User needs to enter login and password to enter into Carboy service.
  • Sign up: What if you have never created an account with Carboy application? Simply, sign up with your Name, Username and authenticate yourself with a strong password. Now, you can log in and get into your application dashboard directly.
  •  Carboy dashboard: The dashboard has detailed information about user analytics and data therefore, it would be easier for you to know whether users like your application and how you can improve services and features for them.
  • Ease of Booking list: Since you are already on the dashboard; it would be easier to navigate to booking list. You can see New, Upcoming, and Completed bookings there.
  • Profile creation: Now, you have become a pro to use a Carboy application. Navigate to profile and create one according to your booking preferences and you are good to go.

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